es'hailsat frequency 2024

es'hailsat frequency 2024 The Qatari satellite , Es’hailSat is a communications satellite operated by the State of Qatar.

The Es'hailSat satellite contains a bouquet of network channels bein Sport.

The Qatari satellite Es'hailSat 1 was launched in cooperation with the European satellite company Eutelsat.

Qatar's Es'hailSat owns the majority of the Es'hail satellite shares.

all frequency es'hailsat 2024

In this article , we will learn about es'hailsat frequency 2023 ، in addition to the strongest frequency of es'hailsat satellite , with the identification of the sport channels frequency on es'hailsat satellite frequency 2024 .

frequence = 11045 H 27500
Al Jazeera Channel HD
Al Jazeera Mubasher HD
Al Jazeera English HD
Al Jazeera Documentary HD
Al Jazeera Mubasher 2 HD

frequence = 11604 H 27500
Al Jazeera Channel
Al Jazeera Mubasher
Al Jazeera English
Al Jazeera Documentary
Al Jazeera Mubasher 2

frequence = 11649 V 2244
Bedaya HD

frequence = 21420 V 27500
Sorec Canal HD
Sisal Maroc 5 HD
Sisal Maroc 2 HD
Sisal Maroc 3

frequence = 10492 Н 1500
Es'hailsat promo

frequence = 10730 H 30000
El Sharq
Almamlaka TV
Al Seraj Palestine HD

frequence = 10730 V 27500
Al Rayyan HD
Al Rayyan Al Qadeem HD

frequence = 10770 H 27500
Alkass Five HD
Alkass Six HD
Alkass Extra One HD
AlKass Extra Two HD

frequence = 10770 V 27500
Qatar TV HD
Qatar 2 HD
Alkass One HD
Alkass Two HD
Alkass Four HD

frequence = 11310 V 30000
A News HD
Al Araby HD
Syria TV HD
Bedaya HD
Al Araby 2 HD
Al Rahma TV
Salam TV Eritrea
Majan TV HD

frequence = 11350 Н 27500
Rotana Cinema HD
Rotana Comedy HD
Rotana Classic HD
Rotana Khalijiah HD
Rotana Drama HD
Alresalah TV HD

frequence = 10810 V 27500
beIN Sports 6 HD
beIN Sports 4 HD
beIN Sports 8 HD
beIN Sports 1 Max HD
beIN Sports AFC HD
beIN Asian Cup 3 HD
beIN Sports News HD

frequence = 10810 Н 27500
beIN Sports 5 HD
beIN Movies 1 HD
beIN Asian Cup 1 HD
beIN Sports 3 HD
beIN Sports 1 HD
beIN Sports 2 HD

frequence = 10850 H 27500
beIN Sports 3 Max HD
beIN Sports 4 Max HD
beIN Asian Cup 2 HD
beIN Sports 3 AFC HD
beIN Sports 2 AFC HD
beIN Sports Xtra 1 HD
beIN Sports HD

frequence = 10850 V 27500
beIN Sports 9
beIN Sports 1 EN
beIN Sports 2 FR
beIN Sports 1 AFC
beIN Sports 7
beIN Sports 2 Max HD

frequence = 10890 H 27500
National Geographic Middle East
Nat Geo Wild Middle East
Travel Channel Europe
Fox Life Arabia
Food Network

frequence = 11310 H 27500
beIN Box Office 1 HD
beIN Gourmet HD
beIN 4K HD
beIN Drama 1 HD
Alkass Nine HD
Alkass Ten HD

frequence = 11350 V 27500
Fox Middle East
Fox Movies Middle East
Star Movies Middle East
Star World Middle East
Baby TV Europe
Fox Action Movies
beIN Movies 3

frequence = 11390 V 27500
beIN Sports 2 EN
beIN Box Office 2
beIN Movies 2
beIN Series 2
beIN Movies 4
beIN Sports 1 FR

frequence = 11390 H 27500
Bloomberg TV Europe
beIN Series 1

frequence = 11430 V 27500
Cartoon Network MENA
CNN International
Discovery Channel Middle East
Cartoon Network India
CBeebies UK
DreamWorks TV
Cartoon Network Arabia HD

frequence = 11430 Н 30000
Abu Dhabi TV HD
Al Emarat TV HD
Majid Kids TV HD
Abu Dhabi Sports 1 HD
Abu Dhabi Sports 2 HD
National Geographic Abu Dhabi HD
Baynounah TV HD

es'hailsat frequency 2024
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